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Mme. de la Chabaussi猫re was imprisoned at Port Libre, and her dog stayed with her all the time, her only comfort. He was well-known and a favourite in the prison, he knew all the gaolers and officials, and which of them were kind to his mistress. Of these he was very fond; but those who were not good to her he flew at, biting their legs and fighting with their dogs. However, all the officials liked him and let him stay during the whole time she was imprisoned. When the gaoler came to open the door of her cell he jumped up and licked his hands; when she walked, as at Port Libre they could, in the cloisters and gardens, he went with her; when she came back he rushed in and hid himself in her cell.

By their affectionate and devoted love the rest of her life was made happy, even after the far greater loss in 1820 of the brother to whom she had always been deeply attached..
鈥淥nly a terrorist could speak so!鈥.
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鈥淓st-ce 脿 moi de mourir? Tranquille je m鈥檈ndors,.
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But Louis XVIII. in his Memoirs says:
The Emperor desired her to paint the portrait of the Empress, whom she represented standing in full court dress, with a crown of diamonds. Lisette used to declare that she was like a woman out of the Gospel, and that she was the only woman she knew whom no calumny ever attacked. One day she brought her two youngest sons to the sitting, the Grand Dukes Nicolas and Michael, then children. Of the Grand Duke Nicolas, afterwards Emperor, Mme. Le Brun declared that she had never seen a more beautiful child, and that she could paint from memory his face, which had all the characteristic beauty of Greece.
The theatre鈥擱aincy鈥擟hantilly鈥擟alonne鈥擜ttempt to ruin the reputation of Mme. Le Brun鈥擳wo deplorable marriages鈥擣ate of Mme. Chalgrin鈥擴nder the shadow of death鈥擬me. Du Barry.
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